Themes from Stenberg is the second in Schtinter’s Liberated Filmmusic series. Available on cassette in an edition of 30, with 7 copies engraved by the artist (Stenberg's story - pictured), each including SS 1%'er patch.

A*: Motorcycle Theme (listen by clicking here)
A*: Thieving Boy (sung by MacGillivray)

Ned Kelly, the Irish Australian bushranger: played by Mick Jagger in Tony Richardson’s 1970 film adaptation; by Heath Ledger in Gregor Jordan’s 2003 update.
June 21st 2012: Jonathon Stenberg decapitates his neighbour Ned Kelly after an ongoing dispute over land.
June 23rd 2012: During an unprecedented manhunt for Stenberg, he auditions for a part in Mystery Road (cast headed by Hugo Weaving, otherwise known as Agent Smith in the Matrix franchise).
Successfully cast as a policeman in the story of an indigenous detective returning to the outback to investigate the murder of a little girl, Stenberg, despite his knowledge of the bush, is apprehended shortly after.
An apology was sent via email in the hours before, confirming his permanent absence on set.
Neither of Kelly’s heads have been recovered. The case of the murdered little girl is ongoing.

Available from April 1st via Purge and in store and online at Rough Trade. Launch party with Pillow Talk on April 1st at Apiary Studios. Click § for event details, or contact info (at) purge (dot) xxx