Beyonce's xmas card for the mother of god bounced and became an essay in the process. Myth: "I feel so bad I've got a worried mind, I'm so lonesome all the time, since I left my baby behind in Blue Bayou." Blown in a limo on NYE. Strictly pillow talk in 2014. Spin doctor declines to comment on J's contribution ("it certainly didn't go beyond the bullet pointing stage"). Years later, Beyonce says email is like braiding leather. Repetitive strain injury. Curry again tonight, love? "Saving nickels, saving dimes, working 'til the sun don't shine. Looking forward to happier times on Blue Bayou." Bootylicious era quickie politicised Brand. Give everything away, publicly and in the nude. Like John + Yoko waking up and washing their signatures off the sheets and trying to buy back the revolution. Jo noted the irrelevance of the affair without children. Wrong way to think about it but practical and enduring. (From Independent Women to Run the World Girls, financial security has always been a hallmark of Beyonce's brand of feminism.) Myth: "I'm going back some day come what may to Blue Bayou. Where you sleep all day and the catfish play on Blue Bayou." Iceland and France under B and J playfully connected by a Chilean prison cell. All the single ladies! ALL the single ladies. We take the 23 from the bottom of the village with a pass purporting to be Allende twice. The destination of this bus has changed. Curry again tonight. "Go to see my baby again. And to be with some of my friends. Maybe I'd be happy then on Blue Bayou."

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