Masked men explore the territory formerly known as Menwith Hill; the world's largest communications monitoring station, situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

...a film by Schtinter & Laroche ('10-14). Playing with a new score at Beacons Festival on 08/08/2014, and at Horse Hospital (Liberated Filmmusic III launch) on 10/09/2014.

Two clips from the film best viewed at

The soundtrack is released on 11/9/2014, each scratched by § with SALUTE AND SHOOT patch. Three limited editions are available:
- edition of 1 with gas mask from the film
- edition of 7 with final edition of Pillow Talk magazine (original contributions by Iain Sinclair, Paul Buck, Harry Burke and Schtinter)
- edition of 10 with DVD

...available via PURGE: